1. Being Authentic

    I lived my whole life saying all things happen for a reason.  I lived making excuses for others as well as myself.  I lived without loving others fully, without committing fully.  I lived looking for the next big thing, the thing that would change my life.  I lived thinking I was happy and healthy and being authentic.  I ran, I moved, I created barriers.  It was not until two weekends ago that my eyes opened to the possibilities that are limitless because I create these possibilities.  Two weeks later, close friends have seen and remarked that I have a “glow,”  I attribute this to a glow of happiness that I have created, for myself.  Personal growth is so amazing.  While I cherish and thrive in the amazing things that occurring before because of me I realize that I want to continue on this path of possibilities.  I was the person reading self-help books, new age philosophies, and searching for something.  I have yet to know what that one thing was, but I do know that I do not need it anymore.  Landmark Education (Forum) showed me that this life. My Life.  I am in control of it all.  No matter what I believe exists in the after-life, it cannot be my motivation for being of average existence.  We all are capable of living powerfully.  Our life are filled with problems, no matter the level of success we achieve we will encounter MORE problems.  We need to ask ourselves what PROBLEM we WANT to wake up every day for…what problem we would happily deal with day-in and day-out.  I love and cherish what is happening because I am what is happening.  Being authentic rocks! 

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